The Filmmakers

ERIC GREEN (Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / Additional Photography)

Director Eric Green

Eric Green grew up in suburban Boston and got his start at his senior internship at Miramax Films in New York. After graduating from Fitchburg State University with a degree in Communications / Film Production, he made his directorial debut with the 16mm short film To Be John Woo (TBJW), an off-beat comedy with both SAG and non-union actors. For over two years, TBJW screened at film festivals all over the USA as well as Canada and Australia. For his follow-up, Eric directed the short Musician For Hire (MFH) on Mini-DV in NYC. The story of a struggling musician, MFH was an official selection of over 20 film festivals throughout North America, streamed on select websites, aired on TV in NY, and won an award for Best Music Video (for the music video sequence) at the 2005 Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.

Eric worked in film and TV production in New York City on various productions (Hope and Faith, The Interpreter, and Definitely, Maybe) and in post-production (at Fuse and AMC Networks). Life on the V marks Eric’s feature documentary debut. He had so much fun working in the genre that he recently finished a short documentary The Beatles Boston. He has written several screenplays and has numerous projects in development. In 2013, he won an award from Hollywood Screenplay Contest for his Curb Your Enthusiasm spec script. Eric is married and lives in Boston, MA.

To Be John Woo (2002 short film)
Musician For Hire (2004 short film)
Getting to Know Slightly Known People (2008 short documentary)
The Beatles Boston (2014 short documentary)
Life on the V: The Story of V66 (2014 feature documentary)
Grandpa's Superman Comic (2015 short film)
Video Visions (2019 short documentary)

In this photo (L to R): director Eric Green, Greg Hawkes of The Cars, and producer Matthew Nerney


Matthew grew up in the Boston suburb of Bedford, MA, where he became friends with Eric Green. While working at the local video store during college, they worked on several independent films together. This lead them to forming Cruising In The Van Productions, where Matthew is a producing partner. In addition to producing Eric’s films To Be John Woo and the award-winning Musician For Hire, he was the producer of the 2003 horror film The Vengeance of Cinderella and the festival hit Walter’s Room. Matthew was a partner at RESS Foundation, Inc, a charity organization, who is producing the film In the Eyes of Another, which is expected to go into production soon. Matthew passed away in 2017 at the age of 39. The Matthew Nerney Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2018.

STEVE LORENZ (Executive Producer)

Steve has over 27 years experience in entertainment media, music, video, film, acting, producing, business, banking, finance and Venture Capital. He has produced, written, shot and directed music and comedy videos and acted in Big Stan with Rob Schneider & David Carradine. LOTV marks his first collaboration with Cruising in the Van Productions.


CHRISTIAN de REZENDES (Associate Producer / Director of Photography)

Christian is an accomplished director, cinematographer and editor. His documentary Alzira’s Story played film festivals and aired on PBS in 2000, and his film Getting Out of Rhode Island (2003) was distributed on DVD by Film Threat. His documentary 41 was distributed by Nehst Studios. Christian is the founder of Breaking Branches Pictures and is currently working on Slatersville: America’s First Mill Village.

DAVE MURDEN (Associate Producer)

Dave worked in Production Management at Fuse in the mid-2000s. It was there, that he met Eric Green and directed and produced the series The P.A. In 2008, Dave became the VP of Development at Refinery NYC and in 2011, he became a co-founder of Nerd Frat, a Florida-based internet marketing firm. Dave is also the co-owner of ColdCut Films.


EMORY MEEK (Additional Editor)

Emory worked in post-production at AMC Networks in the mid-2000s where he became friends with Eric Green. Emory did a great deal of editing for programs on Ultra HD, one of the VOOM HD Networks. He has also done additional editing for TV shows such as Love Lust (Sundance Channel) and Man v. Food (Travel Channel). Emory is currently the Senior Editor on the National Geographic series Doomsday Preppers.


ROSEMARY SICILIANO (Additional Editor)

Rosemary works in both marketing/communications and editing. She was an additional editor on 2010’s Academy Award nominated Winter’s Bone. She has worked as an additional editor on the documentary Up Heartbreak Hill (which aired on P.O.V.) and on Doomsday Preppers, where she worked with Emory Meek, who brought her in on Life on the V.


TIM CORNWALL (Additional Photography)

Tim went to Fitchburg State University with Eric Green and collaborated with him on his short film To Be John Woo. He has worked as a cinematographer and videographer on numerous productions, including the I Sold My House.Com show. Currently, Tim is an educator and zookeeper.

MEMO SALAZAR (Additional Photography)

Memo is an accomplished director, writer, cinematographer and editor. In 2001, he directed Boy George Michael Jackson Browne, a 24-part video series that pre-dated podcasts. He directed Public Enemy’s 2003 music video “Son of a Bush”. In 2008, he directed the comedy Turbocharge, which played film festivals all over the U.S. This year, he was the producer and editor on the documentary American Meat about the current state of the U.S. meat industry. Currently, Memo is the Supervising Editor on Sesame Street.



Henning is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He has composed music on his own as well as with his indie-rock band School for the Dead. He is also the head of the indie music label Rub Wrongways Records. Eric Green contacted him upon learning about School for the Dead’s song “V66”. In addition to interviewing Henning (as well as his band mate Brian Marchese) for Life on the V, Eric liked the song “V66” so much he approached Henning to score original music for the documentary. Since Life on the V, Henning's band Gentle Hen contributed music to Eric's documentary Video Visions as well.